Motto: Let me drop everything and dance on your problem!

Welcome to the web site of The Britannia Morris Men, Melbourne’s oldest and finest Morris team!

If you want to know all about Morris Dancing, then you have probably come to the wrong spot. There are better sites on Morris in general; a good place to start is Morris dance on Wikipedia.

However, this is the place to read about The Britannia Morris Men! Note: one ‘t’, two ‘n’s.

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In “Regalia” you get to see what we wear, and some other bits and pieces of display.

History” gives some historical data on the side, and also holds the team log – a record of what we have been up to. This is the best place to find photos of the team.

Contact us:

Do you need a Morris team to enliven your fête, party, festival, whatever? Better yet, do you want to join in? Then email to or call one of these chaps:

Squire: Nigel Edwards
+61 400 310 701

Bagman: Graeme Hamilton
+61 406 425 080

Britannia performing Draftys Shuffle

Britannia performing Drafty’s Shuffle at the National Folk Festival, Easter 2009


When he is dancing, the true Morris-man is serious of countenance, yet gay of heart, vigorous, yet restrained; a strong man rejoicing in his strength, yet graceful, controlled and perfectly dignified withal… he is accompanied by a Fool wielding the bladder of a pig which was shot down as it flew by the light of the new moon.

– Cecil Sharpe, with some help from Sir Cedric Blunt