Best practice ever!

Last Thursday night BMM gathered for practice. As is our recent habit, we assembled at the Yorkshire hotel in Hoddle Street.

It was a beautiful balmy evening, warm but not too hot, and very little humidity – so we took our practice to the empty car parkĀ  across the lane from the pub.

A fantastic practice ensued. 7 chaps turned up, giving us enough to refine some new Kellybrook Stout Matron dances, with a muso, 4 dancers and 2 observers/critics. We practised solidly for an hour and a half before retiring back to the pub for some well earned ales just as we were losing the evening light.

Since I was a bit out of sorts, Rob took over running the practice. He even said at one point (and there were witnesses to this) that he would be willing to stand for Foreman at the next BMM AGM!

(I suppose it is about time we organised the 2010 AGM then.)


Webmaster for The Britannia Morris Men. Been Morris dancing since 1988, and was badged into Britannia in 1989.

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