Moulton Morris Dance notes

Moulton is a hugely fun tradition, and Knuckles Akimbo is possibly the best Morris Dance in the world. Here are some original notes.

Moulton dance notes


Some secrets are too important to keep secret.

– Julian Assange? No, it was Argy.

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4 comments on “Moulton Morris Dance notes
  1. Simon Shaw says:

    Any chance of an indication of how the sticking fits the music? The bar lines in the notes don’t tally with the tunes (as I know them).

    So perhaps you could publish the tunes you use with the sticking indicated underneath?


  2. SImon Wall says:

    Or try this HD video of the Moulton Men dancing Knuckles

  3. Buttons says:

    Great video!

    I am amazed at how little was lost in translation when BMM did it.

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